Employee Experience Crash Course

How the world's top companies create amazing employee experiences and crush the competition. Case studies, research, models, frameworks, and ROI!

We all want and deserve to work for organizations that invest in our employee experiences. But what does this actually mean and what does this look like? Whether you're a leader trying to create a workplace where employees want to show up or an employee at an organization who wants to do a better job of helping them create better employee experiences, this course is for you!

The Employee Experience Crash Course is a companion course to Jacob Morgan's new best-selling book, The Employee Experience Advantage, and it includes several hours of content broken up in easy to consume modules. It is the only employee experience course from the guy who helped develop many of the ideas and concepts on the topic. The ideas explored in this course based on research Jacob conducted by interviewing hundreds of business executives, combing through countless research articles and reports, and analyzing 252 companies around the world.

The course also includes bonus content, easy to implement action items, links to additional resources, and you will receive certificate of completion once you finish the course. Jacob will also be readily available for any questions you have along the way.
This course is not just for HR professionals, it is a great resource for everyone interested in employee experience.

What you will learn in this course:

  • The difference between employee engagement and employee experience
  • Trends shaping employee experience
  • Why companies have had poor success with employee engagement
  • Why it is so important for a company to have a reason for being
  • The 9 types of organizations and how to identify which type yours is
  • The ROI of investing in employee experience
  • The three types of moments that matter and how you can create them in your organization
  • The three environments that shape all employee experiences
  • How to design great employee experience and get your organization to think differently much more

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