The Future Of Work Monthly

Let me teach you the 12 skills you and your organization need in the future of work!

Watch this entire video now to get access to Jacob’s mastery level 12 month program. These skills and frameworks have been taught to Fortune 100 organizations and C-level executives around the world.

The world of work is changing.

What skills do we need to succeed in the future of work?

Whether you're a C-level executive, a mid-level manager, a new employee, or a freelancer. You must have these skills in order to succeed in the new world of work!

The Future of work Monthly is a unique 12- month program designed to teach you the 12 skills you need to dominate in the new world of work. These are the skills that educational institutions and organizations around the world should be teaching but aren't.

The program features 12 monthly videos which each explore a new skill. Along with the video you will also receive a series of strategic and tactical emails that guide you on how to practice the skill for that month. The videos and emails are specifically designed to be both practical and actionable.

Based on interviews with hundreds of business executives around the world, this program is designed to teach you the skills that the world's top companies and business leaders see as being most crucial in the future of work.

The course also includes bonus content, easy to implement action items, links to additional resources, and you will receive a certificate of completion once you finish the course. Jacob will also be readily available for any questions you have along the way so you will have direct access to him via the course platform. You also get lifetime access for any new updates and content.

It's time to take control over your own personal and professional development. Learn the 12 skills you need to succeed in the future of work. 

What you will learn in this course:

  • Why empathy is the most crucial soft-skill you can possess.
  • How to think like an entrepreneur inside (and outside) of your company
  • How and why you need to be more accountable and speak up at work
  • What it means to be a perpetual learner and how to be one
  • Why you need to have growth mindset and how to cultivate it
  • How to take control over your personal and professional development
  • Why you should approach the future of work with optimism instead of fear
  • How to practice -self awareness and how it will impact your decision making
  • Why you need to learn to say "no" and how and when to say it
  • Much more!



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