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"Jacob is the world’s leading authority on the future of work and the employee experience. His message is powerful, relevant, and compelling."

Vicente Fox
President of Mexico, 2000 – 2006

"Jacob’s perspectives into the trends of the future workforce are insightful and spot on!"

Francine Katsoudas
Chief People Officer, Cisco

"Jacob truly is a world leader when it comes to the future of work and employee experience."

Kimmo Alkio
CEO, Tieto

"When it comes to the future of work, Jacob is both extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. He also has an interesting spin on the kinds of things that can be done to engage and stimulate creative thought in the workplace. "

Nolan Bushnell
Creator of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese's, and First Boss of Steve Jobs

Get the secrets that are transforming organizations like Adobe, Airbnb, Facebook and many others.

The Workplace Is Changing.

Like me you're probably thinking about how the world of work is changing and what the future of work is going to look like.

So I wanted to put together a highly-focused, free training series that walks through, step-by-step, how you can better equip yourself and your organization to deal with the major workplace changes that are taking place these days. Let's get started!

Years ago, after I graduated college from UC Santa Cruz, I double majored in economics and psychology. I was super excited to join the corporate world and my first job out of college was working for a technology company in Southern California.

When I interviewed for this company I was told that I was going to do all sorts of amazing projects, but after I got hired I was stuck doing data entry, cold calling, and creating Powerpoint presentations.

Not what I expected. But the real kicker came one day when the CEO came out of his beautiful corner office and screamed from across the room, "Jacob, come over here I've got something really important for you to do."

Excited, I ran over to him to see what he had for me to do... But he proceeds to take out a $10.00 bill, slaps it into my hand and says, "I'm late for a meeting. I need you to go run down to Starbucks and get me a cup of coffee. Oh, and by the way. Get something for yourself as well."

...that was the last time I held a job working for anyone else.

Ever since then, I've devoted myself to studying how the world of work is changing, what the future of work is going to look like, and how we can create better employee experiences.

Basically, my job is to help you figure out how to create an organization that doesn't suck.
So how can we do that? How do we create organizations that don't leave their employees feeling the way I felt when I was disappointed in my new role as a coffee runner?

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Get my FREE 4-part video training to learn how you can adapt to the future of work.