Don't miss my latest book The Future Leader: 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade.

I interviewed over 140 CEOs around the world from companies like Unilever, Mastercard, Best Buy, SAP, Oracle, Kaiser, and dozens of others to understand what it will take to be a leader in 2030 and beyond.

I also partnered with LinkedIn to survey almost 14,000 employees around the world to see how prepared today's leaders are for the future (hint: they aren't!)

I looked at trends and challenges shaping the future leader, the most crucial skills and mindsets that leaders of the future must possess, and provide a plan for how to become a future-ready leader. 

You will hear directly from CEOs around the world to learn what it takes to be a leader in 2030 and beyond. Order the book below and grab a few for your team! 

For bulk orders email me: Jacob[at]thefutureorganization[dot]com.


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"Jacob Morgan's book offers a compelling look into the future of leadership--the challenges leaders will face and the mindsets and skills that will be needed to overcome them. Do you want to be a future ready leader? You need this book! "

Horst Schulze
Founder and CEO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

"The research Jacob did for this book brings together insights from 140 of the world’s top CEOs. While their perspectives are different, each has a common thread: tried-and-true core values are important, but as important is the willingness to adapt to change more quickly than ever before. Today’s – and tomorrow’s – leaders must be comfortable with discomfort: they must be courageous enough to experiment, fail, and experiment again. Jacob’s work is the guidebook to doing just that."

Ritch Allison
CEO, Domino’s Pizza

"To deliver results now and in the future, leaders need to deal with risk and ambiguity, show resilience in the face of constant change and have the confidence to take the lead in driving change. That’s a tricky balance that requires a mindfulness of self and an openness to learning from others. I applaud Jacob for assembling such a powerful and inclusive collection of voices for leaders to learn from and use in sharpening their own perspective. "

Ajay Banga
CEO, Mastercard

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