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The Future Leader Course - Team Bundle-5 Seats

I developed The Future Leader Course after interviewing 140 of the world’s top CEOs. The results illuminated exactly what we need to do to ensure our companies and our jobs survive the fast and massive change already on the horizon. 

This course is the fast track to leadership mastery for the future. I want you to reach every inch of your full potential and make the supersonic impact you’ve been itching for, and this course will show you how it’s not only possible but vital that you take action.


  • STEP 1: Where we are today
    • Learn the critical first step every business and individual (regardless of industry) needs to do to set a solid foundation for industry-impacting leadership success. Seriously, this step cannot be missed. 
    • Discover the three things top CEOs and leaders always have on their minds (and how it helps them grow incredible businesses).
    • Determine the factors contributing to our current crisis and why you should be able to identify and overcome them. 
    • Gain the first boost of confidence you need to lay your career foundation for wild success.
  • STEP 2 Trends Shaping Future Leaders
    • Understand all the moving parts contributing to the coming trends and how to talk to your team and your bosses about the impact. You’ll be a celebrated fount of knowledge, and you’ll feel confident relaying these research-backed trends. 
    • Have everything you need to start putting a plan in place for your team tomorrow instead of 5 years from now when everyone else is stumbling out of their command and control cave, bleary-eyed and unprepared. 
    • Know which trend will have the biggest impact on every industry (hint: it’s already happening) and how to leverage it to focus on the people in your business. 
    • Get a first look at the sleeping giant trend set to make massive waves across every industry in the coming years. 
    • How to prioritize these trends in your company so you can make the most powerful, acute impact right where you are on the areas that need it most.
  • STEP 3: Challenges Future Leaders Must Overcome
    • Learn the biggest mistake leaders make and the three steps you need to take to avoid it completely. 
    • Why humans, not technology, will be the game changer in business profits and longevity. 
    • Become immediately aware of which challenges will be the hardest for you to overcome and how you can start preparing for them right now. 
    • Know what aspect of business is going to get much more competitive and how you can have the coveted edge. 
    • Get actionable steps you can do with your team in just a few minutes to set yourself apart as a leader who listens, cares, and has their best interest in mind. 
  • STEP 4: Mindsets for Future Leaders
    • Discover exactly how future leaders need to think (it’s a little-known but powerful exercise). 
    • Learn which mindset will help you navigate the collision between culture and business. Answer really tough questions like — How should your company handle social justice issues? How do you create diverse teams? How can you forge new paths of underrepresented voices? 
    • Find out which mindset will help you be agile, creative, and ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world, and gain four techniques to make you more nimble and ready for whatever is thrown your way. 
    • Get absolute clarity on how to balance your two most important assets and the five ways you can make them work more efficiently in your company. 
    • Discover the mindset that defies command and control but still allows you to lead with confidence, knowing your entire team will have your back 100%. (Yes, it’s that good.) 
  • STEP 5: Skills for Future Leaders
    • How to motivate, engage, and inspire people by focusing on one important goal. 
    • How to create effective teams that work across diverse and generational gaps, so you have the highest performing team in your company.
    • The crazy and counterintuitive thing you need to do to get ahead. 
    • Critical steps to harnessing technology (even if you hate it or aren’t good at it), so you’re the most prepared person in the room. 
    • The four important questions to ask yourself to 10x your communications skills in the office (and everywhere else).
    • Surefire ways to bring emotional intelligence into your company as a sought after skill and how to use it to track your weaknesses and bolster your strengths. 
    • The four critical questions CEOs are asking themselves right now to prepare for the future. 
  • STEP 6: Become the Future Leader 
    • How to transition your team from the hard-nosed do-it-as-always mindsets and communication and leadership styles to an inclusive, empowered team that allows you to have the biggest impact while helping others. 
    • The small ways (with big echoes) you can start doing to level power disparities in your company. 
    • The simple thing you need to do each day to be 37% better by the end of the year.
    • Exactly how to avoid getting sucked back into old ways and stuck on autopilot. 

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  • Life Balance Bonus ($350 Value)
    • Learn three foolproof strategies for saying “no” to projects and people without burning bridges, sacrificing your career, or feeling guilty. 
    • Discover how to set and keep effective boundaries.
    • Learn the one word shift that research shows is effective for turning down requests and obligations
    • Get the secrets four top CEOs use to disconnect from technology while staying on top of their businesses.
    • Learn the questions to ask yourself so you can figure out when, where, and how to disconnect.
    • Gain four immediately actionable tips for distancing yourself from tech and establish work life balance.
  • Business Balance Bonus ($350 Value)
    • Learn how to build up the confidence to say what you think and be heard — especially when it comes to volunteering for a position, asking questions, voicing concerns, brainstorming and making suggestions, breaching difficult or sensitive workplace issues, and standing up for yourself.
    • The quick list of questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re speaking up the right way. 
    • The 14 questions you have to answer to be a thought-leader at your organization, how to establish bulletproof credibility, and where to seek out creative solutions no one else is thinking about.
  • Growth Mindset for the Future Leader ($550 Value)

    You’ve probably heard the buzzword “Growth Mindset” around education, but how does it apply in the workplace? It’s a vital skill for any leader to have, so in this can’t miss bonus, we’ll break down . . .

    • The four major differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset (and how to tell which one you have).
    • How to flip the mental switch to start seeing every challenge as an opportunity using five simple questions. 
    • The right way to give and receive feedback — that goes for you, your team, and your leadership. 
    • How leading companies use feedback and constructive criticism in deft ways to improve work while maintaining a positive work environment. 
    • What Costco and Sam’s Club sample carts can teach us about being standout leaders (and how to bring that tasty success into your team). 
    • 10 things you can do today to jumpstart a growth mindset and begin making an impact on your personal and professional life. 



"Jacob's book answers the most pressing questions on the future of leadership. Based on impressive research, this is the guidebook for the next generation of leaders around the world."

-Paul Polman, Former CEO, Unilever


"Jacob Morgan has managed a tour de force. Based on in-depth research, this very colorful book forcefully and beautifully captures what is expected of leaders in this new world. This may be the most thoroughly researched and comprehensive thought piece on this critical topic out there."

-Hubert Joly, CEO, Best Buy


"I applaud Jacob in assembling such a powerful and inclusive collection of voices for leaders around the world to learn from. Whether you're a current or future leader, this book is one that you should read and keep near you."

-Ajay Banga, CEO Mastercard

Future Of Work University is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®