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The Future Leader assessment is based on interviews with over 140 of the world's top CEOs from companies like Unilever, Mastercard, Oracle, Verizon, Best Buy, SAP, KPMG, InterContinental Hotels Group, and dozens of others. The consensus is that future leaders must equip themselves with a new set of four mindsets and five skills to lead over the next decade and beyond.

I call these "The Notable Nine." The four mindsets are those of the: Chef, Servant, Global Citizen, and Explore. The five skills are those of the: Technology Teenager, Coach, Futurist, Translator, and Yoda. My research shows that around the world leaders today are doing a terrible job of practicing these skills and mindsets.

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"Jacob's book answers the most pressing questions on the future of leadership. Based on impressive research, this is the guidebook for the next generation of leaders around the world."

—Paul Polman, Co-founder and Chair, IMAGINE and former CEO, Unilever

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