Analyzed from 252+ global organizations, this course redefines employee experience as a key business trend. 

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Want to learn how to attract and retain the very best talent on your team or in your organization? Employee Experience is the #1 talent trend for organizations around the world and unfortunately only 13% of organizations do an amazing job at it! Jacob Morgan wrote the world's #1 best-selling book on employee experience and this course takes a deep dive into how organizations can create a place where employees WANT, NOT NEED, to show up to work. Backed by an extensive research project that looked at over 150 studies and articles, featured extensive interviews with over 150 executives, and analyzed over 250 global organizations, Jacob will unpack the pioneering concepts and ideas from his book, The Employee Experience Advantage which was endorsed by the CEOs of Nestle, T-Mobile, Cisco, Best Buy, and many others.

Some of the world's top organizations use this course as a blueprint for how they think about and design employee experiences. This is not longer just an "HR thing." Whether your in leadership, operations, facilities, sales and marketing, customer service, or any other function, employee experience is something that everyone needs to be thinking about and designing for.

When you sign up you will learn:

  • The difference between employee engagement and employee experience.
  • Trends shaping employee experience.
  • Why companies have had poor success with employee engagement.
  • Why it is so important for a company to have a reason for being.
  • The 9 types of organizations and how to identify which type yours is.
  • The ROI of investing in employee experience.
    The types of moments that matter and how you can create them in your organization.
  • The three environments that shape all employee experiences and what to do for each one.
  • How to design great employee experiences and get your organization to think differently.
  • What organizations like LinkedIn, Airbnb, Cisco, Microsoft, Accenture, and others are doing to create amazing employee experience.
  • How to create employee experience in a hybrid world
    Much more!

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Price: $499.00 USD
Course Length: 4-5 Hours
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Jacob Morgan

Jacob is the international best-selling author of 5 books on leadership, the future of work, and employee experience.

He is a professionally trained futurist who has worked with and interviewed over 2,000 leaders during the course of his career, many of them CEOs. His work has been endorsed by the CEOs of: Cisco, Best Buy, Nestle, The Home Depot, Panera Brands, The Ritz Carlton, Yum! Brands, Audi, Unilever, Siemens, Domino's, Kaiser, and countless others. Leaders like Adam Grant, Amy Edmondson, Marshall Goldsmith, and Seth Godin have also endorsed Jacob's work. His passion and mission is to create great leaders, engaged employees, and future-ready organizations.

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Francine Katsoudas

Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer at Cisco

Jacob's perspectives into the trends of the future workforce are insightful and spot on!


Paul Polman

Former CEO, Unilever

Jacob answers the most pressing questions on the future of leadership.


José Antonio Fernández Carbajal


If you're looking for a someone who can challenge you, enrich you, and make you grow then I highly recommend Jacob!